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What are Soft Claws Nail Caps?

The Humane Way To Stop Pet Scratching

Soft Claws is an ingenious product  which will help to stop your pets scratching your furniture and family. Soft Claws are soft vinyl nail covers which fit easily onto your cat or dogs claws, eliminating destructive scratching. They are the perfect solution to declawing, which we believe is cruel and is illegal in the UK.

Soft Claw nail covers are simple to apply to your pet’s claws and cause no unnecessary stress or suffering to the animal. They are long lasting and also come in a range of fashionable colours to ensure your pet stands out from the crowd.

Cats and dogs can be temperamental, and can lash out at any time without warning. This can be particularly hazardous when there are small children around and can be painful for adults too! Soft Claws is the solution!

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